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Stydia AU | Role Reversal

Bash: “Isn’t that what love is?”

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Laurel “It’s funny, isn’t? A year ago, he thought you were a murderer. And me, I was—I was drawn to you. I couldn’t explain why, but…But a part of me felt connected to you. You were always there. For me…For my family, and for some reason, I never asked why”.

Oliver “Are you asking now?”

Laurel “I don’t have to. Because I already know the answer”.

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Laurel Lance in "Man Under the Hood"

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2x19 The Man Under the Hood

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1.05//2.19 How did you survive this?

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Laurel Lance in The Man Under the Hood.

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I know at least one person who will love this set besides me.

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“Support music every day because there isn’t a day music won’t be there for you!” Hayley Williams

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"And you're going to help us save Derek."

Teen Wolf AU: things I wished would happen next season

Werejaguar!Kate took Derek. When everything seems hopeless, Stiles and Lydia come up with an unexpected plan that is either brilliant or insane or both. They find out that every kitsune owns an object that is precious to them, containing all their powers. Whoever finds themself in possession of that object has control over the fox; it can no longer use its powers against them and has to follow orders. When the firefly got captured in the box made of the Nemeton’s wood, the pact was unknowingly made. With Noshiko’s knowledge of how to summon a certain kitsune, Stiles and Lydia take the risk. Derek’s life or theirs. Nogitsune is not quite happy about being turned into a pet, and one thing is for sure, should he ever get his kitsune ball back, his revenge will be more devastating than ever.

fyi I will not accept ‘dead’ as an option for the nogitsune okay so he is totally summonable and not killed by a freaking bite he’s just kinda put on a leash if you will 


“What happens when being a good king means being a bad husband.”

"That’s simple. Be a bad king.”

"That’s why she wanted to marry you? Isn’t it?”

"She never wanted to marry me. She wanted to save your life.”

"Come on. You’re smarter than that and so is she. Mary knew that you could promise her…

Mary Stuart being Queen of Scots. [ep #117]

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This is what happens when your friend reminds you about audio editing. I ended up lowering the pitch on Let It Go from the new Frozen movie. And I gotta say, it’s really nice. Have yourself a listen and see what I mean.

And of course I had to draw a quick genderbend for this

EDIT: I’ve been getting a bunch of requests for this, so here you go folks:

Download this version of the song here

Also if you’re looking for the Karaoke/Instrumental track for this particular version, you can find it right here!

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"You can watch him bleed to death on your wedding alter."

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